"I am a 36 yr old mother of 5 who has struggled with obsessive tendencies when it comes to my weight. I can not remember a time when I wasn't weighing myself at least 5 times every day. With 5 young kids, going to a gym just isn't realistic for me, but I knew I needed to change my ways and become more healthy. That's when I found Amanda! She designs in home workouts for me based on the equipment that I have. I have even sent her my bloodwork results so she can see my hormone levels. She's also great at answering questions regarding my diet and macros. Her program gives me the flexibility to squeeze in a workout at any time through the day! I can not express to you the amount of relief and peace that I've felt over the last 10 months of using her weight training program. My body is in better shape than it's been since high school, and because I KNOW that what I'm doing works, there is no longer that obsession with the scale. If you would've told me that 45 minute workouts could change my body the way they have, I would've called you crazy!! But it works!!!!"

Dvonne G

I am down 7lbs in the first 2 weeks!  Without pills, shakes or my grocery bill increasing!  I can't beleive how well this works!


I reached out to Amanda in December of 2016.  I was depressed and at my lowest point.  I weighed 240 pounds and I was at my wits end.  I was miserable, sad, and full of excuses. I decided to allow Amanda to help me.  For a whole month I ignored the program, I made excuses. I was just too depressed to do anything.  Amanda reached out to me and asked if we could start over.  She showed she cared even when I didn't care.  I was too depressed to help myself.  Amanda believed in me when I couldn't believe in myself.  I had tried so many times to lose weight and I failed. I figured I would fail again.  Amanda wouldn't let me give up.  She reached out to me, I accepted and the rest is history.   We have been working together since January and I am down 23 pounds!  I have a long way to go but I know I will get there this time.  I have a confidence I never had before.  I feel better and know I will reach my goals this time!  I am so thankful to her for helping me and would recommend her to anyone!  No fad diets.  This is a real food, lifestyle change.  She helped me set up an exercise and eating plan that works for me!  She has helped change my life and if you put on the work she can help you too!


I started training with Amanda Hodges at RedZone Bootcamp in November 2016. I had tried personal training several times before, but my experience with Amanda has been so much better. She is encouraging and motivational in every way. Never once have I felt intimidated or unsure of what I was doing when I train with her. Not only is she an amazing trainer, but has also been a motivation for me to start trying new things. Before meeting her, I would have never tried running or Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. Because of her not only have I lost weight and body fat, but I also feel stronger physically and mentally. 


"Thank you Amanda for letting me know it IS possible!  I couldn't ask for a better PT!  In just 21 days I already see progress that I didn't figure I would!  You care about your clients like they're family.  Thank you for that!"



Three and half years ago I was very unhealthy and overweight. All my life I was always super thin and even after having my two boy's I lost all my baby weight. I had no excuse for weighing over 200lbs pretty much all my 30's. I had never had to watch what I ate or exercise and never thought I would need too. Three year's ago I lost my dad. He was overweight and although his cause of death was not from his weight he wouldn't had suffered as much if he hadn't been so overweight. So two weeks after he passed I decided to make a change and I started boxing. I had been boxing for a year and lost 35lbs just from the cardio. I enjoyed it and still do it to this day but I had plateaued. At that time  I was asked if I wanted to join a boot camp 3 days a week and that's where I met Amanda Hodges. I am so fortunate to have met Amanda cause she has taught me so much. She has taught me how to exercise and how  to eat. When we first started boot camp she did our BMI and measurements. Of course my BMI even after losing 35lbs I was still considered overweight. I also remember when we started boot camp I could not do a toe push up or run a 1/4 a mile. Amanda would hang back with me and run with me(not letting me stop) and teach me how to run and how to breathe while doing it.  After doing boot camp for a year Amanda introduced me to weight training. She has me on a weight training program that I follow every week. Once I started lifting weights that is when I really started seeing my body transform. I am 42 years old and feel like I am 22 years old. I had gotten to a point I didn't even recognize myself and I will never allow myself to go back there again . My current BMI level is considered an "athlete" which I am very proud of and I can break out 25 toe push ups and I ran the Spartan with Coach Amanda last June and planning the next. I have also lost another 45lbs and gained a lot of muscle. Thanks so much Amanda for all you have helped me accomplish. I am forever grateful!