WHY The Body Shop Fitness?

  • Fitness is our speciality - with over 20 years of fitness and nutrition experience, we guarantee our results
  • Fitness is objective - from initial assessment to continued reporting, our results are measured individually as well as collectively, showing continued progress to each individual as they hit benchmarks and reporting increased wellness within your organization/group as a whole.
  • Fitness impacts everything - from how you feel, look and represent yourself in all areas of your life
  • Fitness drives outcomes - participation is vital, but not necessarily a guarantee of success.  You must have a system in place to track and report progress, guaranteeing continued progress.  THAT"S WHERE WE COME IN!


  • Personalized programs - all fitness and nutrition programs are completely personalized, taking into account each persons lifestyle, fitness history, food preferences, etc.  Because we coach along the way, programs can change with each changing individual allowing continued success and higher retention rates.
  • Anywhere, anytime, 365/24/7 accessibility.  
  • Support - groups work together with continued challenges reinforcing engagement.  Every individual also has the option to share with and engage their families and spouses, creating a 24/7 support system.
  • Social networking and gamification - participants have a points and rewards system, creating a "game" which brings out their competitive side, helping to create healthy behaviors along the way.

INDIVIDUAL CLIENTS - please contact me to apply



Plan Options



  • Reaching goals!  We help you every step of the way to reach your fitness goals.
  • Higher energy levels, better sleep patterns, no late afternoon "slump" - let's get excited about life!
  • FINALLY having an affordable, accessible platform AND personal coach/trainer to help you over platueas and days of low motivation.


  • Lower long-term healthcare costs.  Greater fitness and well-being equals fewer claims and fewer trips to the doctor.
  • Reduced absenteeism for companies, as well as improved focus and productivity.
  • Benefit for employees - giving your employees a "Personal Trainer in their pocket" gives you happier, healthier and more energetic employees.
  • Culture of performance - continued engagement and competitions helps to break perceived performance plateaus.
  • Smooth launch - with several options including fitness, nutrition and heart rate tracking options, you can integrate your company's custom program right away.